Pay in your fundraising dollars

Hosted a Pink Ribbon Fundraiser? Thanks for all your hard work and for being involved. We really appreciate your great effort. Now it’s time to bank your funds.

There are three ways that you can return your funds to Cancer Council:

1. Bank from our online form

If you don’t have a personal event page or would prefer not to return your funds via your online fundraising page, you can submit the funds that you’ve raised by using Cancer Council’s online banking form.

All you need is your supporter number and your credit card. Your supporter number will be in the welcome pack we sent you. If you are unable to locate your supporter number please call our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85 so we can help you out.

Click on your state/territory to bank your funds online now:


2. Online fundraisers

If you have a personal event page set up, submitting your money is very easy via our main website:


Login by selecting your state/territory below:



Click on the ‘My Fundraising’ button on your home page.


Select the 'Bank your funds' tab from the left hand menu – where you can either:

a) Enter individual donations for your guests – so they will get individual tax receipts.

b) Enter a lump sum donation for all of your tea funds – which means no individual receipts will be given.

Need help? Call our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85 if you have any questions.


3. Offline banking

If you’ve hosted your morning tea and don’t want to bank your funds online, you can do so by depositing the funds at your local bank using your deposit slip you receive in your welcome pack.

Any questions? If you have any problems, you can call our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85.