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  • There are a few easy ways you can collect donations from your guests:

    • When you register, you’re given access to your personal online fundraising page. You can send your guests a link to this page and ask them to make an online donation either before or after your event. It’s really easy to do, especially as donations can be made from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
    • Set up a donation box at your event and ask for cash donations or charge an entry fee to your event.
    • Raffles and auctions - ask your guests to donate items or services.
  • Our online fundraising system will accept most major credit cards and PayPal transactions. 

  • Yes – our website is hosted by a reputable technology company specialising in the development of online fundraising websites for non-profit and community organisations. Donations can also be made by PayPal. 

  • No, there is no minimum amount for online fundraising. However, please note that you will only receive a tax receipt for donations of $2.00 or more.

  • Absolutely - with online fundraising, there are no geographical limits.

  • Yes, you can make a donation directly to Cancer Council by visiting our donation page.

  • Yes. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Online donations will be automatically receipted to the email address provided when the donation is made. For any offline donations that requires a tax deductible receipt, please ensure you include the donor's details on the donation slip when you send back your paperwork. We will then send you the receipts to issue to each of your donors.

  • Many companies like to support their employees’ fundraising efforts by matching the funds they raise. Otherwise, they can donate via your web page.

    For larger opportunities, check out how to become a corporate partner.

  • Yes. If some people pay you in cash, you can keep that money and either bank it at the end of your event or pay us using your credit card. In order to give them tax receipts, be sure you enter their name and email address or send in a donation slip with your paperwork.

  • If you lose your deposit slip you will need to call the events hotline on 1300 65 65 85 so they can issue another deposit slip. They will mail one out to you straight away so you can bank your funds.

  • Bank the funds you raised.

    Legally, funds must be given to Cancer Council within two weeks of your event. There are various ways you can deposit your money:

    ONLINE: This is the best way for Cancer Council to receive donations. It saves time and valuable resources. If you have received cash donations, you can pay the amount using your own credit card or PayPal and then reimburse yourself with the cash. You will still be able to generate receipts for all donors - just make sure you enter all of their details.

    To bank funds online, login to your fundraising page and click on 'Fundraising and Organising'. Then select 'Enter cash donations' from the menu and select from:

    A donation from an individual or organisation that requires a tax deductible receipt

    Pay in a lump sum that does not require a tax receipt. (No receipt will be issued)

    You'll be prompted the rest of the way. Please contact us on 1300 65 65 85 if you need any assistance with banking online. We're happy to help.

    BANK: Deposit it directly to Cancer Council bank account using the deposit slips provided.

    BPAY: Payment made from your bank account with the details provided on your banking paperwork.

    CHEQUE: Send a cheque made out to your state or territory Cancer Council office with your banking paperwork.

    CREDIT CARD: Complete your credit card details on your banking paperwork or call 1300 65 65 85 to make a credit card payment.

    CASH: Please do not mail cash! However, if it is convenient you may drop cash, cheque or money orders into your local Cancer Council office.

    We would like to thank you appropriately for your contribution, so no matter how you bank your funds, please also complete the Return Slip and send it back to Cancer Council.

  • The easiest way to raise funds at your Cancer Council Pink Ribbon Fundraiser is to ask your guests to donate the equivalent of what they would have spent on a night out either through your online fundraising page or on the night by completing a donation slip.

    Aside from this, the possibilities for fundraising are only as limited as your imagination!

    You might choose to charge an entrance fee for the night, or suggest your guests contribute to the food and drink or services/entertainment you provide (e.g. facials or massages, DVDs, craft making accessories etc). Previous hosts have staged trivia nights, held auctions, cake sales and sold raffle tickets prior to their event to boost their fundraising. Some hosts even roped the men in their lives to be waiters, babysitters or chauffers for the night!

    If you have any questions about fundraising, please contact our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85 for assistance or check out our fundraising hints and tips.

  • When you register for Cancer Council Pink Ribbon Fundraiser we will send you an official letter of endorsement, signed by a Cancer Council staff member. Your official supporter number will also be on this letter. This document is your proof that you are an approved fundraiser. If potential donors would like further evidence they can always contact their local Cancer Council directly.

  • We send every registered host a host kit packed full of information and tools to help you run your event. If you need extra support you can call our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85.

    If you would like a representative from Cancer Council to attend your Pink Ribbon Fundraiser, please contact your local Cancer Council office as soon as possible. Please note that whilst we will endeavour to assist, we will need to let you know whether we have any representatives available.

  • Click on ‘Login’ at the top of your screen and then select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link.

    You can change your password at any time by simply logging into your account using your username/password and clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab and then ‘Change Password’.

  • Setting up your personal online fundraising page is easy. Once you register you will be prompted through each step of the process. You can set up your page when you register or log back in later when you've finalised all of the details.

    Your Cancer Council Girls’ Night In or Pink Ribbon Fundraiser page can be personalised with your own photos and messages. You can link it to your Facebook and Twitter account, send emails to your friends, even bank your cash donations there.

    Read more of our online fundraising tips.

  • If you have provided a valid email address when making an online donation, you will receive a tax receipt via email shortly after you complete your donation.

  • No, there is no minimum amount for online fundraising, however please note that you will only receive a tax receipt for donations of $2.00 or more.

  • Yes, all donations $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Simply fill in all the requested details when making an online donation (including a valid email address), and you will automatically receive an official tax receipt from Cancer Council.

  • Funds can be returned to your state or territory member of Cancer Council by using the deposit slip provided with your Cancer Council Pink Ribbon box or by credit card, Bpay or by sending a cheque. This year we are also offering the ability to pay in using our online form. All of this information will be provided with your Pink Ribbon Day order. For more information on banking, you can call the events hotline on 1300 65 65 85.    

  • Cancer Council's Pink Ribbon helps to raise awareness about breast and gynaecological cancers, as well as funds, in support of the many thousands of Australian women affected by these diseases. Find out more about how your money helps.

  • Get involved in our fundraising events, including Daffodil Day, Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, Girls' Night In and Relay For Life.

    This Daffodil Day you can support Cancer Council and someone you know affected by cancer by dedicating a daffodil.

    Find out how you can text to donate and dedicate a daffodil here.

    You can also show your support by buying a pin for Daffodil Day.

    See more at: Get Involved